Letter to the editor 1, June 29, 2017

Hudson’s Water Restrictions

Dear Editor,

If the purpose of the water restriction in Hudson is to conserve water, why then is the use of large quantities of water allowed? The filling of pools, unlimited use on construction sites – which makes one wonder: If there is not enough water currently for the citizens of Hudson, why are more houses/condos being built? And how much of our drinking water was used to wash Hudson’s roads recently?

Those with supplementary wells are allowed to water lawns, wash cars, etc. – and yet they are using the same aquifer that the town uses.

However, the citizens are not allowed to use a bucket of water to wash outside windows and siding?

I fail to see how this water restriction will conserve our water supply.

And why has the town’s automatic notification by telephone not been used to advise everyone?


Kathleen Conway


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