• James Parry

Ageing together in a celebration of life at Whitlock


Capturing the spirit of the Broadway hit, The Music Man, and its best known song, 76 Trombones Led The Big Parade, Hudson Film Society president Clint Ward, who used to play the instrument in a band way back when, greets local 76-year-olds in their celebration of life at Whitlock Golf & Country Club.

Born in 1941 in different parts of the world, 10 members of Whitlock Golf & Country Club in Hudson as either golfers or curlers, came together for a very special luncheon there yesterday, June 21, for what main organizer, Claudette Gélinas, who lives in St. Lazare and who has been a social member of the club for the past two years, described as a celebration of life.

Said Gélinas in an exclusive interview with Your Local Journal just prior to selecting from the menu, “We were all born in the very same year which means that we are now all 76. But despite all the negative aspects of getting old, there are many positive ones that we want to celebrate.”

And celebrating in fine style - in order of birthdates - were Graham Campbell (Beaconsfield, England), Terry Browitt (Nottingham, England), Gillian Kinsman (Cochin, India), Martin Hofton (Bamsley, England), Jean Resther (St-Pie de Bagot, Quebec), Megan Evans (Addlestone, England), Diane Gignac (Trois-Rivières, Quebec), Sheila Britt (Montreal), Claudette herself (Montreal), and Nicole Beaulieu (Trois-Rivières, Quebec).

All agreed that they hope it will become an annual celebration and that they will all grow older together.

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