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Parrywinkle, June 15, 2017


Hudsonite Brandon Donnelly, who works behind the counter at Restaurant Sauvé, unexpectedly found himself ‘starring’ in a French film being shot in Hudson this past weekend when he served ice cream cones to two of the stars.

Politics aside - but then again, perhaps not, given the recent election results in the U.S., France, and the U.K. on the eve of Brexit negotiations scheduled to start any time soon, 'tis a funny old world isn't it?

I mean, after weeks of monsoon-like rain, below average temperatures, and basically a lot of cold weather-related problems hitting our region, this past week the sun suddenly came out for five days in a row. With temperatures, factoring in humidity, in the high 30s. And guess what?

While walking around Hudson this past weekend, some people I bumped into and wished them a happy beautiful day were not happy at all. In fact, far from it.


HOT UNDER THE COLLAR - “Too hot and unbearable,” grumbled one elderly lady whose name I'm too polite to mention. “Do you have air conditioning in your house?” asked an obviously equally disgruntled gentleman while adding, “Well, I do and I'm going to spend the weekend watching the Grand Prix on the TV.”

Said another senior lady and a long-time resident, “What's good about it? It's okay for you. You are a young guy. Wait until you get to my age and then you'll feel different.”

Well, actually, I didn't have the heart to tell her that we were about the same age - give or take a couple of months - and I was feeling just fine and welcoming the break in the weather.


A LITLE CRANKY? - Okay, so perhaps I'm being a tad column-cranky this week dear readers. If so, just put it down to the weather and the fact that I've been running like a blue-tailed fly covering all the positive stuff in our fair burg in recent days.

Hudson's town-wide two-day Garage Sale on Saturday and Sunday, for example. Hudson, once again, the setting for another film shoot on Saturday but more about that later. And Peter Schiefke, Vaudreuil-Soulanges Liberal MP, confirming that the Stephen F. Shaar Community Centre and the Town of Hudson have been granted $250,000 and $15,000, respectively, in financial assistance. (See story on page 10).

Pity we couldn't get a grant, or at least a budget allocation from the town this year, to clean up and beautify its flower beds along Main Road, the entrance to Hudson off Harwood onto Cameron, and in front of the Town Hall itself.

Quite honestly, they are a disgrace. Choked with weeds and crab grass. And while I'm all for fiscal restraint and for the natural look, in a town synonymous with great gardens they just don't cut it. Particularly when you see businesses and stores throughout the village centre working so hard to beautify their frontage with annuals out of their own pocket. Check out the bed in front of the SAQ or at the corner of Cameron and Main if you haven't already and tell me if I'm wrong!


LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION - And now back to that movie I was talking about earlier and which created quite a buzz in town with scenes being shot at several spots including outside Restaurant Sauvé where the two 'father and son' stars were served ice cream by local boy, regular employee, and Sidney Crosby look-alike, Brandon Donnelly, at the former restaurants Clementine and Fabio's also on Main, 70 McNaughten, at the corner of Elm and Dwyer, and in the parking lot in front of the Nova Boutique.

Produced by Christine Falco of Montreal-based Les Films Camera Oscura, it's a French language psychological suspense feature film directed by Marc Bisaillon, it's the third in a trilogy following La lâcheté (2006) et La vérité (2011), and it stars Pierre-Luc Lafontaine, Paul Doucet, Fanny Mallette et Claude Despins. As for the plot? Ah, that would be telling. But will keep you posted!


CRAZY LEGS TAKE A BREAK - In closing, must say that along with my beautiful Sunshine and so many Hudsonites it's been a lot of fun these past couple of months attending the weekly line dancing classes hosted - along with singer-musician Gerry Courville - by Judy Chambers of Hawkesbury-based Crazy Leg Dancers fame at Wyman United Memorial Church. Judy, who just happens to be celebrating her birthday today, June 15, will be back in September. We'll be back too. And this time Judy, I do promise to actually dance!

And that's a wrap!

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