Letter to the editor 6, June 15, 2017

Viva Villa Wyman

Dear Editor,

What a marvelous initiative proposed by the board of Villa Wyman. An assisted living residence for seniors right in the heart of Hudson – count me in! (Your Local Journal, June 8, page 1).

I have always been saddened when elderly friends who can no longer live alone are forced to relocate across the border in Ontario or the West Island, or even further afield, away from their family and friends and the town they have called home for many years.

Now there is a possibility or even, hopefully, a probability, that we could have a residence here thanks to the community spirit and forward thinking demonstrated by the congregation of the Wyman Church and the members of the board of the non-profit organization Villa Wyman.

We are an aging population and projects like this must be encouraged, not rejected by the NIMBY small minority.

None of us like change but we must accept that some is inevitable to accommodate our seniors. Of course, as a senior myself, I may have a vested interest but I also live close to the proposed residence and I feel sure that the managing board will be very open to neighbours’ concerns and make every effort to incorporate viable suggestions in their final plans.

Mary L. Jefferies


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