Letter to the editor 5, June 15, 2017

Cycling in Hudson III

Dear Editor,

Thank you to Vincent Maranda for publishing useful information from the Quebec Highway Safety Code about road sharing between cyclists and motorists. The uneven paving of Hudson’s Main Road is challenging to all road users. Cycling to the right side is no easy thing when navigating between crevices that might throw me off in any direction, pot holes into which I might disappear, and sections of the ‘right side’ which are missing altogether. So when motoring, please do follow the code and move over into the passing lane, or reduce speed and leave at least a metre of wiggle room for the cyclist.

Taking care takes lots less time than filling out the accident report.

Hudson could become more welcoming to cyclists, both residents and visitors, by improving road quality and even (imagine it) creating cycling lanes.

Margaret Waller


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