Letter to the editor 3, June 15, 2017

Cycling in Hudson

Dear Editor,

I read Vincent Miranda’s column ‘Cyclists on Main Road’ with interest and would like to explain some seemingly odd behavior on behalf of the cyclists in Hudson.

The reason cyclists can be seen winding their way through the village from the right side of the road to the centre is simply a matter of survival. That is surviving the cracks, crevices, and craters that threaten to send the cyclist to a close meeting with the tarmac.

I know of several victims in this regard and most recently spent two hours being patched up in the Medicentre as a result of a particularly sneaky crevice. The only way to navigate safely is by winding one’s way as one would negotiate a minefield or river rapids.

Some cycle clubs have banned riding through Hudson for this reason, yet we Hudsonites have no choice but to ride through the village as we escape to safer roads.

Having said this, I must compliment the local drivers – they do appear to understand – so thank you for your patience and consideration.

Hopefully safer riding and driving will be provided soon with the resurfacing which as a public safety issue must surely be top priority.

Martin Jackson


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