Parrywinkle, June 8, 2017

This past Sunday morning dawned bright and beautiful here in Hudson. After days of incessant rain, the sun was finally shining if only for a day, the birds were singing, and all was seemingly well with the world. Except, of course, it wasn't.

For literally just hours before, three suicidal, murdering terrorists - yes, it's official - bastards attacked London Bridge and the people-packed Borough Market. Killing eight innocents and injuring some 50 others, many of them gravely. The third such lunatic attack in England in as many months, and for what? Martyrdom with the promise of I don't know how many virgins in the afterlife? Revenge for whatever reason? Self-glory, albeit posthumously? Sowing fear in the hearts of freedom-loving people just living their lives without harming anyone? Who the #%@* knows?


COUNTING OUR BLESSINGS - Not being an overtly religious soul - although I do try to lead a good Christian life being kind and caring to others regardless of their faith - I didn't attend a service at any one of Hudson's six churches later that morning. But I know for sure that prayers were said, perhaps even silently, for the victims and their families and their friends.

Instead, my beautiful Sunshine and I gave each other a special hug while sitting in the garden smelling the flowers, watching a couple of Flycatcher birds flitting in and out of the potting shed feeding their babies, and marveling at two tiny Wrens busy building a nest in birdhouse that we bought in Newfoundland and had just put out three days before. While reminiscing about our visits to London, one of our favourite cities in the whole wide world.

Later, in the afternoon, we watched on TV the incredible and most emotional show broadcast live from Manchester. Mad, sad, but inspired by the resilience and, let's be honest, the bravery of not only the artists on stage, but also of the over 50,000 who were there to prove to the world that these bastards will never win! And we counted our blessings that we live in a very special part of the world called Hudson.


WAY TO GO WYMAN - Where, just the day before on Saturday morning, Mireille and I mingled with people of all faiths from throughout the region on the lawn of Wyman United Memorial Church for their fundraising Spring Fling. So the weather was lousy with heavy showers throughout. So what? The volunteer-run event went on magnificently in a true spirit of togetherness and positivity.

And, on a personal note, I was honoured to have been invited by the Greenwood Centre for Living History to present Diane Piacente, winner of their 2nd annual Photography Contest, with a framed photo courtesy of Linda May of Mays Studio that will be exhibited at Greenwood throughout the summer.


Yours truly was honoured to present Diane Piacente with a framed photograph of her winning entry in the 2nd Annual Photo contest staged by the Greenwood Centre for Living History during the Spring Fling at Wyman Memorial United Church in Hudson.

On Tuesday, June 6, the same spirit was evident at a sold-out luncheon at the Hudson Legion Branch #115 commemorating the 73rd Anniversary of the D-Day landings in Normandy with a special salute being given to three Hudsonites in attendance who served during World War II.

And next week, Wednesday, June 14, we are looking forward to a jolly good laugh - and heaven knows we all need one - at the opening night of the Quebec premiere of Norm Foster's hilarious comedy, Jonas & Barry in the Home at Hudson Village Theatre running through July 2. (See story on page 16).


THE WRITE STUFF - And speaking of famous Canadian writers - okay, so Norm is actually a playwright - the Hudson War Memorial Library at 60 Elm, has come up with a most innovative way to help celebrate Canada's 150th Anniversary. It is inviting members, both adults and children, to name their favourite book written by a Canadian author and is hoping to get 150 nominations by the end of the year.

I was delighted to learn earlier this week from WML Chair, Donna Seaman, that some 90 nominations have already been submitted and that each month, the library - which currently has a book sale going on through June 10 - is selecting a name from those who have made their choice and the 'winner' will receive a beautiful book bag commemorating Canada's Anniversary. If you are not already a member and would like more info, call (450) 458-4814.

And that's a wrap!


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