Mellow Mitaine


Mitaine was born May 1, 2013 and earned his name (Mitten) because he has big thumbs on both his front paws. He has been sterilized and vaccinated. Mitaine lived outside for a long time and was beaten by other cats, becoming infected with FIV. He is a little nervous when you first meet but so wants to be around humans and get attention that he will follow you everywhere seeking affection.

He would really love to live in a house and to be fully loved. The vet says he is in great health and can live for a very long time with FIV without showing any symptoms at all. He represents no danger whatsoever to humans, dogs, or to friendly cats. The only way FIV can be transferred to another cat is through a fight where the skin is pierced.

Mitaine is a gentle cat and wants to live in harmony, without fighting, and in peace. Give him a chance to show you how much love he has to offer.

For more information about Mitaine, please contact us at (514) 706-2287 or by email at

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