Letter to the editor 1, June 8, 2017

Flooding in Hudson

Dear Editor,

Many reports have documented the plight of people impacted by the recent floods and the efforts of volunteers who mobilized in response.

It was therefore disappointing and disheartening to read the letter from Hudson resident, Elaine Ethier, criticizing her next-door neighbours, the Greenwood Centre, and the efforts of its volunteers. More than two dozen people have taken time from their own schedules and some their own damaged homes to restore Greenwood’s waterfront.

Our thanks came in the form of a vile, sarcastic rant, which to all felt like a very low blow.

I won't attempt to respond to her rambling, barely coherent diatribe, nor her half-baked ideas on how we might have done things better. Better for her, that is.

I will call her out, however, when she states that we chose to place the refuse container far down by the waterfront, therefore unreachable to nearby neighbours. Lady, you are that nearby neighbour and the container was just a metre from your property. In fact you had closer access to it than did Greenwood people.

But perhaps the volunteers were a little brain-dead, maybe, just too lazy when deciding to place the bin near the shoreline, where the mess was, as opposed to carting tons of debris 200 feet uphill.

We can, however, thank Elaine Ethier, for one thing. What goes around comes around. From her mean-spirited musings, in this and other forums, comes an influx of new volunteers and members to Greenwood. And she should thank her lucky star that she has the Greenwood Centre and its volunteers as her neighbour.

David Lynch,

Hudson, on behalf of

the Greenwood Volunteers

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