Letter to the editor 2, June 1, 2017

Open letter to the mayor, councillors, and residents of Hudson

It’s not too late to do the right thing

My assumption, and I hope I am incorrect, is that at your caucus of May 29 you made a decision to adopt By-laws 688,689 and 690 (hopefully amended) at the upcoming June 5 council meeting or at a meeting shortly thereafter.

If I am correct in identifying your intentions then I appeal to you to reconsider. It's clear that you hold all the cards and the upper hand. You have the government at many levels in your corner and so you can roll the dice and not think any more of it. What I want to do right here and now is appeal to you all as individuals to really think about the decision process that you have gone through to reach this point. Have you availed yourselves of all the facts surrounding the proposed by-laws? Have you indeed studied the by-laws and considered the ramifications of their enactment? Have you stepped out of the box and considered the wisdom, intent, motivation and authenticity of the information from many quarters that has been provided to you?

Clearly there are serious gaps in your information when none of you, or your support team, were able to provide the current dwelling density for the proposed Transit Oriented Development (TOD) zones at the May 23 consultation meeting. Do you, as individuals, really support these by-laws as presented or do you feel with a little more time and effort and input they could be vastly improved upon?

The answer is surely that there is room for significant improvement now and not after the fact, however, it is you, collectively and individually, who have to make that decision and do the right thing.

One of the questions asked of the representatives of L'Atelier Urbain on May 23 was 'who did you consult within the town before embarking upon your project?'... The answer, 'the administration.'

So a place to start is to go to the people for their input but first set a deadline as to when you will pass the by-laws and by doing so, put the pressure on the citizens to participate, however, as a word of caution, make sure you are all prepared to make the huge effort to make the process work.

Once the majority of the electorate understand the implications and far-reaching effects of the by-laws which are being thrust upon them right now they will be demanding of your attention to accept their input and they will hold you responsible for the effect these by-laws will have on their community, environment and quality of life – they will demand to be involved and, provided you are accepting of their involvement, the result can only be a better outcome.

So, mayor and council, roll the dice or engage the people and stand up to the pressures of 'higher' (sic) government. Engage with the local CMM holdouts of L'Île-Cadieux, L'Île-Perrot, Pincourt, Terrasse-Vaudreuil, Vaudreuil-sur-le-Lac; by the way that means Hudson is one of six holdouts not the only one and there are many other holdouts in the greater Montreal area, in fact 44 per cent (36 out of 82 municipalities).

So what's the big hurry? Take the time, get it right, 'do the right thing.'


Marcus Owen


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