Letter to the editor 3, May 25, 2017

Flooding in Hudson

Dear Editor,

I could have a belief in the Greenwood mission as a Living Arts Centre. It isn't about what Greenwood does more, but what it does less. No volunteers for individual flooded homes housing full-year taxpayers who are not getting any donations. Greenwood, a half-year closed place funded as a tea party private holding is supported by taxpayers. It's a shame. A container looks good and shows the property is looked after but it could have been sponsored by Greenwood to help more in-need individuals caught up with daily living discomfort.

A debris container on Greenwood’s land was provided by the Town of Hudson just as were other containers to be shared in several locations for all residents in need of clearing organic debris scattered over their property. Greenwood did not make this one reachable to the nearby neighbours at all.

It was brought far down by the waterfront instead of placing it in the huge parking lot by Main Road where six or more cars were blocking the view. The cars could have been parked on the road and the container would have been more noticeable.

Lastly, the town asked that just organic matters be put in the container. Greenwood has broken plastic chairs and pool bubble blanket rubbish along with other inorganic scrap in it. It's a shame.

The foundation supporting Greenwood has a very clear mission statement: to protect built and landscaped heritage and environments.

Elaine Ethier


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