Letter to the editor 5, May 11, 2017

Bumpy road

Dear Editor,

We are completely disgusted with the condition of our street! We have to slow to a crawl once we hit Madison. We pay an exorbitant amount of taxes to endure this and be put off of the promise of paving our street.

Does this make sense that the residents here have not gotten this small section of Madison paved? We recently were finalists in the prestigious Domus Construction Awards for all of Montreal in which 12 judges came to view a home on Place Madison. Seventy-five real estate agents also came from West Island and Montreal, as well as locally. They were astonished of the condition of our gravel road!

Please be responsible for your duties as our council, and our area representative to us as citizens. We were told that it was because the paving repair loan was turned down- this has nothing to do with Madison, and in fact we were not even on that list. What happened to Make Hudson proud again? Proud?

Not us on Place Madison! Janice Duncan Hudson

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