Letter to the editor 1, May 11, 2017

Valued volunteers

Dear Editor,

This cynical old Irishman’s heart damn near exploded this weekend. It wasn’t due to the energy exerted in filling sandbags, or passing heavy sandbags from helpful hand to helpful hand while loading trailers, SUVs, and pick-ups manned by volunteers and town workers. It wasn’t from going from house to house placing those sandbags around those threatened by the advancing waters.

My heart almost exploded with pride, admiration, and love.

Pride in the small town of Hudson, admiration for all the men, women, and children who came out to volunteer their time and energy to help their neighbors, and love for every small kind gesture of offered food, shelter, and support.

I worked side by side with a petite woman who didn’t weigh much more than the heavy sandbags she was hauling, a man from Vancouver who interrupted his vacation just to help out, people from Valleyfield, Montreal, and Ottawa.

This old 70-year-old man was filling sandbags while a young girl no older than my granddaughter held bag after bag open for me and we laughed and challenged each other to see who would call for a time-out first. I’m happy to report it ended in a tie.

Our daily global news constantly inundates us with the selfishness, callousness, stupidity, and hypocrisy of mankind. At times we are inclined to lose hope. We start believing that the few self-serving charlatans out there sowing their seeds of discord represent all of mankind.

And then something like this happens.

Paul McCartney in his song Hope for the Future wrote

Hope shines brightest in the dark

When nothing's ever seen

Lighting undiscovered places

No one’s ever been

After this weekend I have to agree with Paul.

There is hope for the future because when I look around I see more good than bad, more love than hate, and more compassion than indifference.

I am very happy and proud to live in this small town filled with passionate and caring people.

We should all be proud.

Frank Hicks


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