A home for Héra


Our beautiful Héra has had a hard beginning in life. She is only one year old but has been a mother twice already. Brought in from outside with her six kittens, Héra deserves as much care now as she gave her babies.

Her date of birth is April 3, 2016. She has been vaccinated and spayed. Héra is a female tabby cat who was very wary of humans before arriving in her foster home with her kittens. She has made a lot of socialization progress and she trusts us more and more every day. We can say that she loves to be petted and will purr every time. If presented with a treat between our fingers, she will come get it very gently.

Now that her kittens have been adopted, we are hoping to find Héra the family who will understand that she will need time to entirely trust humans again. We hope that she will have her chance to live each day without missing, food, water, cuddling, time to play and love.

To visit Héra in her foster home or for more information, don't hesitate to communicate with us at (514) 703-8218 or send us an email at cascavaudreuil@outlook.com.

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