Letter to the editor 1, April 27, 2017

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Dear Editor,

I look forward every week to receiving Your Local Journal. It appears that Hudson residents are quite willing to keep getting raped by their taxes as your reader Stephane Sauvé so poignantly put it in last week’s Journal. This was evident since only 363 residents signed the registry against yet another tax increase, just 91 voices short, yet 91 signatures were enough to stop the Mayfair development project.

Are we just so rich or do we really not care what is happening to our tax dollars? Lately there are an increasing number of letters to the editor from citizens who are concerned or even frustrated with the inertia of the town council and the forever blocking of any new development, yet the town could really use the additional tax revenue this could generate. Maybe the editor could collect all the pertinent comments and publish them together to make a point.

Since Hudson’s Valley’s is in the news, after the snow started to melt it was evident how much damage the snow plow has made on many residents’ front yards. About a dozen residents signed a letter to the mayor supported by picture of the damages. It was on April 5 when the letter was delivered to the attention of the mayor, yet 15 days later there was no response. When the writer went to the town hall to inquire, he was shown that the letter was still in the mayor’s in-basket.

I am a peace loving person – I just gave a smile and left, but it showed me that I have to resign myself to the fact that, to the city, we are only an address where they can mail the tax bill.

I would like to encourage more citizens to make their opinions known by way of letters to the editor.

Maybe this could "rattle a few cages" at the right place.

Rudolph Stucki


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