Parrywinkle, April 20, 2017

Everything comes in threes, they say. And such is the case with my cursed Viking saga that sees tightening of the tendons and curling of the fingers starting with the pinkie to a point where, if not treated surgically, they will become locked forever.

Sounds horrible, doesn't it? Well, it's not actually. Just a pain in the butt. And don't worry next time we shake hands, it's not contagious.

And so once again, I found myself on the operating table last week - busted ribs and all - at The Lakeshore General Hospital in the good hands of Dr. David Cunningham, the West Island's Zorro with a scalpel, to straighten out two digits on my right hand that will leave it bandaged and strapped up for the next couple of weeks or so.

Given the fact that I'm actually right handed, it's a real bummer. But, as always, the good doc left two fingertips free so that I could continue tap dancin' on the 'puter penning Parrywinkle.


DUPUYTREN DISPARATE DELINQUENTS? - Its real name, by the way, is Dupuytren's Disease. Not to be confused with Trigger Finger and named in honour - if that's the right word - of a French surgeon named Baron Guillaume Dupuytren who first identified the causes of the contracture and operated on a patient back in 1831. Oh yes, he also gained much esteem for having operated on Napoleon's hemorrhoids, which brings me back to a pain in the butt!

People of Northern European and Scandinavian descent are at a higher risk of the disease - hence the Viking connection - and it affects both men and women. In fact, here in Hudson, I know of several people who have it, - including fellow gardener Kathy Conway.

Perhaps it's time we form that support group we were talking about following my last operation Kathy. We could call it The Fraternity of Dupuytren Disparate Delinquents, meet once a month at a local pub wearing horned helmets, and hoist a flagon of Mead or Carlsberg with our good hand to… Well, whatever.

I'm sure Dr. Cunningham would agree to become our Honourary President and stand the first round. And hey, perhaps we could even convince Norwegian Cruise Lines to be our official sponsor and we can all swan off on a comp sailing to the land of the Vikings who were the cause of our malaise in the first bleedin' place! Nah, then again, perhaps not. But fun to think about, eh?


FOR THE CHILDREN - Speaking of hospitals, you may recall that a couple of weeks ago I wrote about eight year-old Cameron Nolan, who lives in Pincourt, holding her 2nd annual fundraiser for The Montreal Children's Hospital as her way of saying thanks for the treatment she had received there for strabismus, which is an eye condition. Also that she was hoping to beat last year's total of $3,000 with her raffle at just $2 a ticket.

Well, I'm delighted to report that this very special youngster did just that. By some $400 and still counting! Do the math, and that's an incredible 1,700 tickets sold with every cent going to the hospital.

Said Cameron when we dropped by the Edgewater Elementary School Shop Fest in Pincourt for the draw, “I am so happy and I can't wait until next year when I hope to do even better!” Good for you Cameron and keep up the good work!


FOR THE FOOD BANK - And still on donations, a big hand folks for the youngsters at Evergeen Elementary School in St. Lazare who last week dropped off a sizeable and much appreciated gift of non-perishable goodies for local families in need to Le Pont/Bridging food bank.

I learned of this when I bumped into founder, Carol Laws, at IGA Hudson where there is a box for such donations every day of the week. Said Carol, “They are so wonderful and are always there to support us when stocks are running low.”

Which is evidently right now, dear readers. Particularly when it comes to soda crackers, Mac & Cheese, and tomato sauce to go with pasta!

And that's a wrap!


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