Letter to the editor 1, April 20, 2017

Welcome to Nimby

Dear Editor,

So 81 Hudson residents have managed to block another home development. (Hudson Valley’s Mayfair Park Project). Welcome to Hudson! The real name of the town should be "Not In my Backyard...."

The only developments that are accepted by our residents are eco-friendly homes made of eco-friendly materials on lots that have been grazed upon by unicorns, eco-friendly unicorns that is...

Everybody in Hudson feels raped by their taxes but God forbid we actually welcome people to actually move in our So Perfect Town. If we can find any fault with anything, we'll cover ourselves under the blanket of eco-friendly principles to hide the fact that we simply don't want neighbours. As long as we block anything, it’s good.

This city is slowly sinking as constant obstructionists sing about being right; about being against any form of progress.

Stephane Sauvé


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