• Jules-Pierre Malartre

Good audit report for the Town of Rigaud


Rigaud Mayor Hans Gruenwald Jr. and external auditor Michel Poirier during the reading of the Town of Rigaud’s annual financial report for 2016.

The Rigaud town council held its monthly meeting April 10 going over a lengthy agenda dominated by the filing of the annual financial report and the independent auditor’s report for the year ending December 31, 2016.

A larger than usual number of attending residents listened while auditor Michel Poirier of Poirier & Associés went over the 2016 financial results. Part of the city’s debt was affected to surplus while $8.8 million is borne by taxpayers with a total of $10,239,000 in long-term debts. Taxation revenues of $9.9 million with compensations from taxes of $1.4 million and other revenues were declared. An overview of expenses for 2016 was provided.

“We have gone over your revenues, expenses, and financial statement, and your financial health is good,” Poirier said. “Our mandate also includes looking for any evidence of mismanagement. We have found nothing that needs to be mentioned on how the city is being managed. Everything is going very well,” Poirier concluded. Detailed results will be published on the city’s website in the coming days.

Mayor Hans Gruenwald Jr. asked Poirier for confirmation that the city had adhered to all auditor instructions over the previous year. “We followed up on the recommendations we made last year. This is the beauty of the town of Rigaud, all our recommendations were followed,” Poirier answered.

Yard waste

Resident Robert Legault brought up the difficulties of disposing of yard waste. “We don’t know where to bring dead branches. I went to the ecocentre and they don’t take branches.” General Manager Chantal Lemieux answered that solutions and information would be provided soon. “Previously, residents could bring branches to 391 Chemin de la Mairie. We evaluated the possibility of bringing them to the ecocentre, which turned out was not feasible. We are looking at different possibilities. We are aware that some people cannot transport their branches, so we are looking at companies that can provide that service.”

Rink costs

Legault also brought up the cost of the Rigaud River skating rink. “Given its cost, is it something you want to repeat next year? Shouldn’t we better promote our other existing parks and skating rinks instead?” Mayor Gruenwald replied the question was under study. “We collected data, and 75 to 80 per cent of people who used the rink came from outside Rigaud. It’s one of the links in our chain of tourism,” he said as he stressed the importance of developing tourism in Rigaud. “It’s another important element to attract people. When people come here, they go to Tim Horton, they go to Restaurant Hamelin. They offer Rigaud people work.”

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