• Lauren Mitchell

Getting ready for Hudson’s fourth annual Shave2Save


Last year’s Shave2Save cancer fundraising event at the Hudson Fire Department not only tripled its financial goal, several locks of hair were donated to make wigs for cancer survivors.

The Hudson Fire Department is busy planning its upcoming fourth annual Shave2Save cancer fundraising event taking place Saturday, April 22, beginning at noon, where participants are welcome to get their heads completely shaved, live in front of hundreds of guests. All the shorn locks – if long enough – will be donated for use in wigs for those who’ve lost their hair from chemotherapy. Cindy Haffke, a cancer survivor herself from Village Hairstyle in Hudson, will be shaving Robin Smith’s head this year, a survivor of breast cancer.

“I was diagnosed in January of 2014 with Stage 3 breast cancer,” explained Smith. “I found the lump myself through self-examination. I had my partial mastectomy in February of 2014 and once healed, I began my eight chemotherapy treatments which lasted sixteen weeks. Three weeks after I completed my chemotherapy treatments, I began my radiation treatments. The treatments were very difficult on me but I survived them and thankfully I'm still alive. I understand exactly why my mom said to me one morning after I was grumbling and complaining about having a "bad hair" day, she said ‘be thankful that you have hair’. My mother had just lost her hair from chemotherapy battling breast cancer, and eventually she lost her battle with breast cancer. She will always be my hero.”

The event this year will also be to raise funds for the Canadian Cancer Society, for which the Hudson Fire Department has already collected over $42,000 in the past three years of hosting the event. This year they have set a huge goal of raising $20,000 to try and make it their biggest year yet.

“I want to help raise money for research for all cancers,” said Smith. “If I can help to prevent anyone from having to go through what I did, I would be a very happy lady. I want people to be aware that funding is needed for research.”

Smith recounts that three years ago, she didn't have a choice to lose her hair. “Now I'm making the choice and I'm choosing to be shaved. I have figured out through my journey that my hair just isn't that important to me anymore. It will grow back and if it doesn't that would be no big deal, I'll end up with a great collection of ball caps. Ladies remember, self-examination is important. Early detection saves lives.”

Funds will be raised through a bake sale and a raffle table at the fire station, where great prizes can be won. Food will be served and a live band will play throughout the event. There will be two raffles, one at the Hudson Fire Station 529 Main Road, and another later at the Stephen F. Shaar Community Centre, 394 Main Road, where there will be a Gala Music Event starting at 7 p.m. featuring a line-up of great local musicians including The Crossley Sisters, The Guilbros, Oliver Forestand special guests the Damn Truth Unplugged. Tickets for the event will cost $20 per person.

For tickets to be reserved in advance, please call or text Sheena at (514) 608-2188. Tickets can also be paid in cash upon arrival at the community centre the evening of the event. Only 200 spaces are available. Visit convio.cancer.ca/goto/Shave2Save2017 for more information.