Letter to the editor 7, April 6, 2017

Was there a maniac driving the snow plow?

Dear Editor,

Now that the snow is going away it reveals how much damage the snow plow has made on people's front yards and how much asphalt was ripped open, which I have never seen in all the years I lived here.

Part of my neighborhood looks like a Third World country, the town is broke and has no money to repair streets, it seems in their effort to find cheaper contractors they are now dealing with snow removal drivers who now contribute to the deterioration of our streets.

I submitted pictures of the damage to Town Hall and got a usual blah blah answer that it is my landscaping that is in the wrong place.

I still hope the person in charge will have a talk with the snow removal guys to be less destructive when racing through the streets with their heavy-duty vehicles.

Rudolph Stucki


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