Letter to the editor 6, April 6, 2017

New blood at the same old, same old…

Dear Editor,

It was a pleasure to see some new young faces at the April 3 Hudson Town Council meeting. A few high school, CEGEP, and perhaps university students attended. They asked some of the most relevant questions. One had requested access to information about two weeks ago, and was wondering why his request had not be acknowledged by the town. Typically when you request information, you get a conformation email – that was his experience in other cities. He was looking for info about the PTI (3-year plan) and water consumption data, both very important subjects of discussion. How can we think of future development if we are already on water usage restrictions in our beautiful town?

The town representative did answer that normally there are 21 days to reply, and that his questions were being looked into.

A second student asked if studies had been done for traffic circulation with the Pine Beach Project (AKA Sandy Beach). She wondered if there any concerns since there was only one point of access to this proposed development which is located in a school zone.

The question is a good one. St. Thomas Elementary and the Community Centre are already busy traffic zones. Add to that an entrance to a new development and you will need traffic control, especially as people rarely drive the appointed 30 km /hour along this stretch.

The mayor replied these studies had been done years ago. But I’m not sure if we know the results and I would question if they are currently relevant or would need to be redone based on today’s realities.

One last point that I found of great interest had to do with articles in the local newspaper. There was some contradiction as to the validity of what was being written. On the one hand a councillor said the paper was full of “untruths” (Pine Beach related) and on the other hand the mayor and the DG said that what had been written in the paper, referring to an interview with the mayor (on Pine Lake) was completely true. So when do we believe what we read and when do we not? Especially as there are very few sources of information for Hudson’s citizens.

It was invigorating and promising to see the new faces at the April meeting. Keep it up! For our town to get back on track and flourish as it should, we need these diverse groups attending council meetings and voicing their concerns. You have the opportunity and the responsibility to shape our future.

Jim McDermott


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