Letter to the editor 3, April 6, 2017

St. Lazare foundations

Dear Editor,

I am writing in response to the ‘Editor’s corner’ from the March 30 edition of Your Local Journal. This article mentions the recent foundation work that will take place to stabilize the Chaline Valley of Saint Lazare. It mentions the inconvenience that the residents will need to endure and also the implication of the project. I agree with the author that this is a stressful event for those involved and that the purchase of a house represents the largest, most significant investment that most people will make in their life. I also agree that this must have come as a nasty surprise.

I am glad to see that the Chaline Valley issue is finally being dealt with. I hope that the next item on the Saint Lazare agenda will be to help residents who are also dealing with a ‘nasty surprise’ – that of a sinking house. These houses are sinking because the soil on which they are built is not suitable.

Like the Chaline Valley problem, the sinking house issue is affecting dozens of home-owners in Saint Lazare. I will quote your article ‘residential development in any city should not merely be from the ground up but well below the soil of the foundation.’

Let’s hope that the provincial government will open up a subsidy similar to that of the Volet 6 which was available in 2013-2014, and that this time the town of Saint Lazare will take full advantage of it.

Joanne Ackland

Saint Lazare

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