Letter to the editor 2, April 6, 2017

Saint-Lazare concerns

Dear Editor,

The new town hall, the annual Festival au Galop, and most recently the proposed traffic circle at Bédard Avenue and Chemin St. Louis – Saint -Lazare town council continues its record of pushing forward with its own agenda with as little as possible information and consultation being offered to the public.

While it is true that they are careful to adhere to all legal obligations and procedures, the regular requests for more public consultations and input on these and other major expenditures continue to fall on deaf ears. Town council obviously believes that they are only accountable to the citizens once every four years, on election day.

Unfortunately the question of accountability and transparency also extends to our mayor. Since council agreed to rezone land adjacent to the Restaurant Mon Village, I requested details of the proposed combined housing and commercial project no fewer than nine times from the mayor – three town council question periods, five email requests and reminders, and one detailed voicemail message.

To be fair and transparent I do have to acknowledge that hours before the April 4 council meeting, the mayor did finally contact me and followed up by providing me with the requested information prior to the meeting at which I am sure he realized he was to face my 10th enquiry. As I had stated in one of my latest emails to the mayor – “At this point I can only assume that either you have a problem with answering the question or a problem with the person asking the question. While I do not know which of those two is the problem, it really doesn’t matter to me, I still expect the respect of a response to a question by a citizen of our town.”

Surely the mayor and town council in Saint-Lazare should be responsible for transparency and accountability of their actions each day of their four year mandates, and yet on many major issues, there is a sense that they are listening but not hearing the concerns of the town’s citizens.

Brian Trainor

A Concerned Saint-Lazare Resident

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