Saint‐Lazare and Hydro‐Québec collaborate to improve the quality of electricity service


As reported last November, this birch tree resting atop a Hydro-Québec power line running behind St. Lazare resident Richard Masys’ property had the property owner frustrated over the public utility’s apparent lack of action despite informing the power utility three times since late summer to look into situation. Hydro will be addressing the issue of tree overgrowth in relation to its power lines over the next two years.

To improve the quality of electricity service, Hydro‐Québec will be conducting major vegetation control work in Saint‐Lazare over the next two years.

Most major power outages in the area over the past few years have been caused by vegetation coming into contact with the power system. Also, weather events – which are increasingly numerous and severe – have a direct impact on the number of outages and service restoration times. The denser the vegetation and the closer it is to the power system, the more challenging it becomes for Hydro‐Québec crews to intervene.

In an effort to make the electrical system less vulnerable and ensure public safety, Hydro‐Québec, with the support of the city of Saint‐Lazare, will undertake a special vegetation control project to prune or cut down weakened trees and vegetation growing too close to the electrical system.

Before cutting down the trees that have been identified, Hydro‐Québec must obtain permission from the affected landowners. Over the next few months, a Hydro‐Québec forestry technician will therefore contact the property owners as part of the project. Once all the required permissions are granted, the technician will obtain a municipal tree‐felling permit from the city of Saint‐Lazare’s Urban Planning department.

To present the project and respond to questions, the city of Saint‐Lazare and Hydro‐Québec are inviting citizens to an information session at 7 p.m. on April 6, 2017, at Parc nature les Forestiers‐de‐Saint‐Lazare (Salle Les Forestiers), 2800 chemin Lotbinière.

Yves DesRochers, Manager – Community Relations for Hydro‐Québec, asks that customers grant permission to cut down the at‐risk trees. “We are counting on the collaboration of our customers to ensure the success of the project and reduce the risk of outages caused by vegetation.”

Mayor Robert Grimaudo is calling upon the solidarity of the citizens of Saint‐Lazare. “The collective effort is a key success factor to attain this objective so that all citizens of Saint‐Lazare can benefit from improved service in the years to come.”

Citizens who would like more information on the project should contact Hydro‐Québec through the Info‐project line at 1-877-653‐1139.