Parrywinkle March 30, 2017

Okay, so this week let's fly off to the sun in Mexico, Costa Rica, and South Africa. Vicariously, of course, while getting in a little fishing and turning the spotlight on the plight of one of the planet's most endangered animals, the rhinoceros. Intrigued? Then read on dear readers!


POSITIVE THINKING PERSONIFIED - Now it's no secret folks that I love fishing. Really miss angling for trout in Hudson's Pine Lake - now Pine Meadows - even if it was stocked every year for residents and their families to enjoy until that damn dam broke. Hooking and releasing big muskies and pike in the Ottawa River and Lake of Two Mountains just minutes from home remains a constant thrill.

And whenever we visit Maine or the Caribbean, I always seem to find time to seek out the local fishermen and spend some time with them delighting in their catches as if they were my own. Have done it off beaches, boats, and even bridges.

In fact, never met a fisherman or woman, for that matter, who I didn't like. For regardless of country of origin, language, or status in life, they all share a common bond. Spending hours, often in silence and alone, holding on to a pole with bait or a lure attached to the other end in anticipation of the catch of the day. Or just a catch. Sometimes returning home with nothing to show for it. But all set to go out the next day and try all over again. Ah, now that is true positive thinking!

Which is why I was so pleased to hear from two Hudsonites and fellow anglers this past week regarding their recent great fishing exploits and with the pics to prove it.


VOORTMAN VICTORIOUS - First up, Quarry Pointer Ozzie Voortman - who first introduced me to the mighty Muskie here in Hudson, incidentally - down in Costa Rica with his wife and photographer extraordinaire, Linda. Out on Lake Arenal, he hooked into a rainbow bass, or gapote as it is known down there and basically the size of a big perch.

PHOTO BY LINDA VOORTMAN Down in Costa Rica, Hudsonite Ozzie Voortman catches his first ever rainbow bass, as opposed to rainbow trout, which he gave to his guide for supper.

Asked how long it took him to bring it into the boat? Ozzie laughed. “Not too long James and in fact it may be on record for the smallest fish ever caught in the lake. But boy, it felt great!” I can only imagine Ozzie. And I'm sure your guide enjoyed it for dinner that very same day!


ANGLER WITH A BIG HART - Meanwhile, probably around the same time, local boy Bob Hart - down in Porto Escandido, Mexico, with his wife, Joanne, brother-in-law Robert Lacombe and his wife Irene - was hooking into a 59 lb. yellowfin tuna which took half an hour to bring into the boat. His biggest catch ever.

PHOTO COURTESY BOB HART Fishing off Mexico, Bob Hart hoists aboard a big yellowfin tuna which he then gave to the skipper of his boat much to his delight.

Says Bob, “We were 35 miles offshore for about five hours, it was over 90 degrees, and we saw so many turtles, dolphins and whales. We gave the tuna to our Mexican captain and he was so very pleased.” Wouldn't doubt it for a second Bob, and done in the true spirit of fishing. And thanks for sharing your story with us!


ADVENTURE INTO AFRICA - And now to the aforementioned rhinos. And another local lady and most talented artist who is off on a big adventure to South Africa in May having won first prize in an international design contest for the Sanwild Rhino Sanctuary.

Her name? Janet Mann of Fuzzballs*Fuzzywinks Illustrations fame and who has been invited to spend a complementary week at the Bukisa Private Bush Camp, a 40,000-hectare wildlife rehabilitation centre and reserve. As well as illustrate a series of children's books concerning conservation of the endangered rhino of which there are only about 20,000 left in the world.

“It's the realization of a lifelong dream and I am so excited,” says Janet. “What a wonderful project and a great inspiration for new artwork!”

One that local musicians and the folks behind the Hudson Music Festival are fully supportive of and on Saturday, April 15, they will be hosting a fundraising musical evening starting at 7 p.m. with doors opening at 5 p.m. at 2 Barn Owls, 420 Main Road in Hudson, with a bar and food from Main Kitchen on site, to help her with her airfare and related travel expenses.

Everyone making a $20 donation or over, whether they can attend the concert or not, will receive a limited edition print of an African-themed illustration that Janet will complete upon her return. For more info, call Blair Mackay at (450) 807-1179 and if you would like to make a donation but can't be there on the night, just e-mail Janet at

And Janet, please do say hi to South Africa for me when you are there. For it is where I first met my beautiful Sunshine on a press trip many moons ago!


CARING CAMERON DOES IT AGAIN - It was only last year, however, that I first met a beautiful young girl called Cameron Jaquith who lives in Pincourt. She was seven years old. And as a way of thanking the Montreal Children's Hospital for all the care and treatment she had received there for strabismus which is an eye condition, she organized a raffle together with her family, and friends, and generous local merchants and businesses. To the amazement of all, including Cameron herself, she raised over $3000 with tickets going for just $2 each!


Eight year-old Cameron Jaquith, shown here at her desk preparing for the upcoming raffle to raise funds for the Montreal Children's Hospital, is determined to beat her last year's total of some $3000.

This year, Cameron - whose grandmother, Hudsonite Marie Nolan works at IGA on Main, and whose grandfather, Don Nolan, lives in Saddlebrook - is determined to do even better for the cause so dear to her heart with donated prizes that are even more fabulous.

I learned from her Mom, Chanel, that Cameron is now busily preparing for her table at the Edgewater Elementary School Shop Fest in Pincourt, 220 Cardinal Léger, where she is a Grade 2 student, on Saturday, April 8, where she will be selling tickets up to the draw itself at 2 p.m. And where she will also be selling gently-used clothing and accessories, all to benefit her foundation at the hospital where she is now officially a Young Ambassador.

Says Chanel, “Cameron just loves to sell her tickets. She always says that they are only $2 and you can buy as many as you want. She's excited to beat last year’s numbers. She's looking forward to making signs and to decorating her table. And is so looking forward to working in her 'store' and to help her hospital.”

Ah, don't you just love it? And for further info or to buy some tickets for this worthwhile cause, you can e-mail her at I'm sure Cameron would love to hear from you. And way to go gal!


THE MEANING OF RESURRECTION - Speaking of youngsters and with Easter rapidly approaching, this just in from Your Local Journal wagster, Jane Kirkwood. Forgive me Father Demers, but I thought it important to pass on to readers with a sense of humour.

Apparently, according to Jane, while a priest was presenting a children's sermon, he asked the youngsters if they knew what the Resurrection was. Now, asking questions during such sermons is important but, at the same time asking them in front of a congregation can also be very dangerous.

Evidently, little Johnny thought he knew the answer and held up his hand. The priest called on him to stand up and tell everyone what it was. Said, the boy in a shy voice, “I know that if you have a resurrection that lasts for more than four hours, you are supposed to call the doctor!”

Evidently it took ten minutes for the congregation to settle down enough to continue the service!

And that's a wrap!


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