Letter to the editor 5, March 30, 2017

QESBA continues to bash Quebec across North America

Dear Editor,

On Sunday, March 26, the Quebec English School Boards Association (QESBA) presented a workshop at the annual National School Boards Association Conference held at the Colorado Convention Center in Denver.

The talk was titled, "Your Government Wants to do What?"

This referred to Quebec's proposed school board reform Bill 86, in 2015, which would modernize the province's anachronistic elected school board system.

The bill was aimed at promoting student success by making schools the centre of the public school network. This would be achieved by granting greater decision-making power to those closest to the student: parents, teachers, principals, and support staff.

However, QESBA would have none of this, and mounted a costly, disingenuous campaign across Canada that bashed Quebec claiming the government was a threat to democracy, and the English community's education rights.

At the Canadian School Boards Association 'Congress,' in Winnipeg, Manitoba, last July, the QESBA titled its workshop: "The Battle for Democracy: A Lesson in Courageous Leadership."

Nonsense. The English schools are managed and controlled by the English community.

The QESBA is still whining as it claims the government has reduced its power and insists it can do a better job of managing schools.

Not so.

In its 18-year history, there is no evidence the $1,000,000 Association has been of any economic, cultural, or pedagogical value for any English school, classroom, or student.

QESBA, which has refused repeated requests to release its budget, is irrelevant in today’s high-tech world.

The organization is nothing more than a feeder at the public coffers, whose minimal value to the general good is hugely outweighed by its cost to the fed-up taxpayer.

With its inflated sense of self-importance, the QESBA should stay home, open its budget, and cease its bad-mouthing of Quebec's education department at conferences across North America.

Chris Eustace


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