Letter to the editor 3, March 30, 2017

Question of entitlement

Dear Editor,

On December 8, 2016, Your Local Journal reported that during his remarks at the town council meeting held Monday, December 5, Mayor Ed Prévost gave a retrospective on the past three years of his and council’s leadership and said ‘“We realized we were hired to clean the swamp,” and “A lot has been done, but there is more to be done, unfortunately,” he said referring to a culture of entitlement he said needed to be curtailed”.’

It was discovered after Louise Léger-Villandré’s departure that the Directors’ Management Policy of the Town of Hudson in effect during her reign granted to all managers (Director General included) the same benefits as unionized employees (including paid overtime). Mrs. Léger-Villandré’s self-interest in this entitlement needs no explanation.

In March 2014 Mayor Prevost’s Council voted Resolution No R3577-2014 to curtail this entitlement. The Directors’ Management Policy in effect during Mrs. Léger-Villandre’s tenure was repealed on the grounds that it gave managers the same benefits as unionized employees (including overtime) and a new policy, without this entitlement, was adopted by the council.

In March 2016, Mayor Prevost’s Council voted Resolution No R4079-2016 to reinstate the Léger-Villandré-era policy with full entitlements and to repeal the policy adopted by Mayor Prevost’s Council in 2014 on the grounds that it “contains anomalies and requires some adjustments, an immediate reform” and “the previous policy should be reinstated until a new version is adopted”.

The councillor in charge of Human Resources (Councillor Best) never explained the reasons for recanting nor the costs’ implications to the taxpayers.

When will Hudson’s taxpayers be informed and the new version released to the citizens?

Véronique Fischer


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