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Lovely little Lisa

Lisa was born August 30, 2015, and was seen late last fall outside looking for food and shelter. A good woman fed her and let her stay under the porch until she was placed in a foster home before it became too cold outside. She appears to be an abandoned cat since she is very appreciative to be indoors and does not want to go out.

While she survived outside, Lisa must have had a painful accident with her tail because a part of it needed to be removed when she was rescued. She is all healed now with a shorter tail, she is vaccinated, sterilized and very healthy. Lisa is a sweet and quiet girl who gets along well with other cats, eats well, and uses the litter. She is a perfect adult cat.

For more information regarding Lisa, please call CASCA at (514) 706-2287 or send us an email at cascavaudreuil@outlook.com.

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