Letter to the editor 5, March 23, 2017

Chaline Valley

Dear Editor,

The St. Lazare Chaline Valley landslide problem has been partly resolved as far as land stabilization is concerned. The question still remains – who is going to pay for the sanitary sewers? And, is the city going to install storm drains as well? The residents still face the risk of flooded basements and the possibility that their septic systems may not be in conformity with the present regulations.

The landslide solution determined by the provincial government may be contingent on sanitary sewers and the sewage pumping station required in Chaline Valley. Chaline Valley needs to be included in the “bassin reseau sanitaire” of Frontenac, Chemin St-Angélique, Chemin St-Louis, and the rest of the streets that make up part of that infrastructure request for subsidies.

Big residential projects are waiting for the sewers to reach this end of town. Will they be sharing in the costs? Why should residents of Chaline Valley pay for sewers, storm drains, and a pumping station for the benefit of others? Are the sanitary sewers and land saturation problems part of the landslide zone risk?

We have come this far in solving a major problem in this part of town, now is the time to keep working on a solution that resolves all the issues. Stabilize the landslide risk and once the road is dug up for sanitary sewers install storm drains at the same time, fill in all the open ditches, and finally pave the roads.

This is the only final solution paid for collectively by all of St. Lazare that will finally resolve all the problems of Chaline Valley.

Constantinos Markakis

St. Lazare

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