Letter to the editor 2, March 23, 2017

Hudson road conditions II

Dear Editor,

Congratulations James Parry (Parrywinkle, March 16).

I am thinking of submitting the local snow plow operator to ‘Canada’s Worst Driver’ TV show. My rose tree of 20 years lies cut off at ground level, never to bloom again!

The road outside my house is 12 feet wide, normally it’s 20 feet. Two cars cannot pass each other and don’t even ask about the road surface!

Re Dame Vera Lynne, when the sirens started to moan in the 1940s, I used to run home with my newspaper bag on my back and get into our Anderson shelter and listen to her sing. We were ‘posh’ – we had electric light and a radio in our shelter until the ‘All Clear’ sounded.

A terrible time but we survived thanks to Winston Churchill and Vera Lynne.

Roy Elliott


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