Letter to the editor 1, March 23, 2017

Hudson road conditions I

Dear Editor,

I just read the March 16 issue of Your Local Journal with pleasure again including James Parry's Parrywinkle column.

I could not agree more with his comments and well written criticism about the disastrous condition of our streets in Hudson. We need to speak up a lot more about this and I encourage you to take up this battle and bring it back in your newspaper as often as possible.

I have been a resident of this community for 24 years but I am no longer proud to live here.

For the first time when paying my tax bill, I included a letter to the mayor and councillors. I simply needed to express my concerns about our streets' conditions.

Hopefully, this letter, along with Mr. Parry's comments, and continued pressure from more citizens for this cause could influence the administration to start repair/construction work this summer and through a well thought out five-year plan.

And yes, if we have to pay a bit more for this to be carried forward, so be it. Even the values of our properties are being affected by this awful situation.

Thank you for your good work with the newspaper and your dedicated services to our community.

René Marineau


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