Letter to the editor 3, March 16, 2017

Hudson’s Valleys

Dear Editor,

This is getting %$#@* ridiculous. The Burgers with their one-piece-overalls, straw-hats and Corncob-pipes want to keep Hudson the way it is.... every month businesses are closing, professionals move away, and the town is broke. Everything is done to keep young families away and developers and business entrepreneur are facing incredible hurdles if they want to do something. The proposed development at Mayfair is kilometers away from Alstonvale – why do they have the right to stop the proposed development? Why are some property owners concerned the value of their mansions could be affected?

Let’s face it, Alstonvale and Hundson's Valleys properties are not selling well, and if they are selling then most of them at below municipal evaluation. Hudson could use the tax revenue to repair its decrepit roadwork and infrastructure. While communities like St.Lazare and Vaudreuil-Dorion are enjoying a construction boom Hudson wants to remain in its, "la belle au bois dormant."

I think the proposed condos on Mayfair are very classy and are just as attractive as anything in Alstonvale or Hudson's Valleys. Why the lords of Alstonvale should be offended by their presence does not make sense but gives them something to complain about.

Eventually Hudson is going to drown in its own inability to grow and taxpayers will move to where taxes are lower, services better, and homes just as nice. Why does nobody complain about the old, falling apart houses along Main Road? Even the new apartment building under construction looks very attractive on the artist's concept, but the location isn't exactly prime, and yet every condo is already sold, proof that there is a demand for smaller housing.

Why does the town react to every Tom, Dick, and Harry who start a petition against anything new? Of course they all suffer under the syndrome: Not in my Backyard and Nothing has to change.

When I moved in 30 years ago, Hudson's population was around 5000, the same as today, but taxes have increased steadily and past city councils haven't exactly been brilliant in their administration of this beautiful sleepy hollow on the lake.

Rudolph Stucki


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