• James Parry and Carmen Marie Fabio

Chicken comes to the aid of abandoned cat

PHOTO BY ROGER BRABANT Holding an original sculpture by Rigaud folk artist, Roger Brabant, that will be won by a lucky donor, Caroline Paquette of Animo Nouri and animal rescue volunteer, Josée Pilon, are seeking help for the cat they saved from under a Tim Horton’s dumpster.

To help pay for veterinary bills, folk-art sculptor, Roger Brabant - whose one-man show at the Rigaud Library was featured in a recent issue of Your Local Journal - has come to the aid of an abandoned badly injured cat that was found under a dumpster outside a Tim Hortons outlet and has since undergone surgery.

In mid-February, Caroline Paquette of Animo Nourri in Rigaud received a phone call from someone who had just spotted the cat obviously in pain and bleeding. She rushed over, found him cowering under the dumpster, and took him to the animal hospital where staff evaluated the extent of the injuries and determined whether they could save him.

Today, Le Résilient - as he is now known - is weak, afraid of human beings, and is slowly recovering from surgery. The first bill totalled $675 and there will be more to come, says Paquette who adds that they will know in the next week or so whether the cat will live with, or without, chronic pain.

Which is why Brabant has donated one of his whimsical chicken sculptures to the cause whereby everyone who donates will have a chance to win his one-of-a-kind piece.

Says Brabant, “I am giving my sculpture to help raise funds to pay the veterinarian bills and I admire what those ladies do for animal victims of cruelty. When I heard the story about this cat, I was in tears, I wanted to help in a very personal way. By giving one of my sculptures, this one is named 'À la vie' (To life), people who are donating for this campaign will have a chance to win my sculpture celebrating life.''

To participate, stop by Animo Nourri at 112-B, rue Saint-Jean-Baptiste in Rigaud and for more information Paquette can be reached at (450) 451-4828 or at animo-nourri@sympatico.ca.