Montérégie road network gets $543.9 million investment


Marie-Claude Nichols, Deputy for Vaudreuil (left), Lucie Charlebois, Minister responsible for the Region of Montérégie and Deputy for Soulanges with Richard Merlini, Deputy for La Prairie (right) announced provincial funding for regional road development and repair.

The Minister responsible for the Montérégie region, Lucie Charlebois, along with Marie-Claude Nichols, Member of Parliament for Vaudreuil, announced on Monday, March 6, on behalf of the Minister of Transport, Sustainable Mobility and Transportation Electrification (MTQ), Mr. Laurent Lessard, the investment of $543.9 million in the Montérégie region’s road network from 2017-2019.

The press release reveals that over the next two years, these investments are broken down as follows, according to the plan of ac􀆟 on established by the MTQ :

• $230.4 million for structures, including $46.9 million for municipal network structures;

• $208.2 million for pavement;

• $43.5 million to improve the road network;

• $61.8 million will go towards the development of the road network.

More concretely, over the next two years, the MTQ will undertake the rehabilitation of the overpass bridge over Highway 20 at the exit 14 in Coteaudu- Lac, reconstruction of the Charron Island Bridge over Highway 25 in Longueuil, and the redevelopment of the intersection of Highways 202 and 235 in Bedford.

“In addition to meeting the needs of our region for safe and high quality road infrastructure, these investments are a powerful economic engine and create jobs. Our road network plays an essential role in the development of our society and contributes to economic development,” said Lucie Charlebois, Deputy for Soulanges and Minister responsible for the Montérégie region. Marie-Claude Nichols, Deputy for Vaudreuil pointed out the effect the investment would have on local employment.

“Throughout the period, 3,550 workers will work on the 324 sites that will be located in our region. Ultimately, the money invested will help improve traffic flow, road safety and quality of life,” said Nichols. “The Québec Infrastructure Plan 2016-2026 provides for investments of $88.7 billion in public infrastructure, including $17.3 billion in the road network alone.”

In total, over $4.6 billion will be invested on Québec roads for the period 2017-2019. “These investments must be made with due regard for taxpayers’ ability to pay, while stimulating economic activity and job creation. That is the commitment our government has made and I intend to respect,” said Laurent Lessard, Minister of Transport, Sustainable Mobility and Transportation Electrification. The Ministry invites the public to learn about the work schedules, in order to choose the best route to minimize the impact on traffic and reminds drivers to adapt their behaviour to the roadwork in order to ensure the safety of workers and all road users. Details of the investments are available on the Department’s