• Lauren Mitchell

Joe Bissonnette Literature Award Announced during St. Patrick’s Parade Grand Marshall Event


PJ Stock and assembled guests raised a glass to the memory of Joe Bissonnette.

The 8th annual Grand Marshall Event was held this past Saturday, March 4th at the Whitlock Golf & Country Club where retired professional ice hockey player PJ Stock was named the Grand Marshall for the 2017 parade. The event brought in $7,000 in donations for the Hudson's St-Patrick's Day Parade which will be held Saturday, March 18th. During the celebrations of the night, a new contest was announced in honour of the late Joseph Bissonnette, Publisher Emeritus of Your Local Journal.

“I went to Joe with the idea of starting the Hudson St-Patrick's Day Parade, and he was on board right away,” said Jim Beauchamp, owner of Cunningham's Pub in Hudson. “Out of the five of us who started the parade, he was really the driving force out of all of us. Joe was a mentor to me.”

The Joe Bissonnette Literature Award is a contest created by Jim Beauchamp in which participants will be able to submit pieces of writing which can include but are not limited to short stories, poems, or songs that reflect Irish heritage. The contest will begin in March 2018, as this year it is too close to the time of the parade.

The contest will be set up to be submitted online as of next year, with a special submission page on the Parade Committee's website which can be found at www.hudsonparade.com . The winner will be picked by Jim Beauchamp, the Hudson Parade Committee, and the Your Local Journal team. The chosen winner will receive a $200 cheque for their composition.

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