Letter to the editor 3, March 2, 2017

Save Como Bog

Dear Editor,

I attended the recent presentation for the development of Sandy Beach. It was great to see so many citizens in attendance and to see how many asked questions and voiced their concerns. And there were many concerns and many questions that needed more follow up and more complete answers.

Most will need to be answered by the town itself, not the developer

  • Will we need a new well?

  • Will our filtration plant have to be enlarged?

  • Will a new trail have to be built from JLP?

  • How can we completely protect this beach access in perpetuity?

  • Should this be approved as an integrated project and what rights do we lose if it is?

  • What if we lose our status as a TODD (with the new REM system) which would change our density requirements?

  • Will be there be any actual revenue for the town after all the expenses are added in?

These are just a few examples and there are dozens more, too many to mention in this letter.

While I did appreciate the developer taking the initiative to hold an information session, the project itself was very disappointing, especially seeing how little buffer there is between the actual development and the beach as well as the loss of our access to Jack Layton park, (we were told at the meeting this was just an informal trail) and the need to backfill part of the development and the possible repercussions this would have to the environment and waterway.

Mayor Ed Prévost was recently quoted as saying “…although many citizens raised environmental concerns about the project at the meeting, I don’t believe they speak for the majority of residents.” Given what I saw at the meeting and the 500 + Hudsonites who signed the petition, I disagree with this statement.

Your Local Journal quoted Mayor Prévost, “In my opinion, this is a good project for the town,” ... “However, Town Council will have to deliberate and come to its own conclusions,” and “The Town Planning Advisory Commitee (TPAC) and Public Security have to review it in detail.”

Mayor Prévost had stated at previous council meetings that citizens would have their say. I would like to know when and how.

When will we have the opportunity to ask all the questions, get all the answers and see where all public opinion lies?

Will we have an opportunity for a referendum?

I urge you to send your questions and concerns to your local councillor, the mayor, and TPAC. I think we can do better than this for Sandy Beach.

This project is far from a ‘fait accompli’ and let’s recognize we do have options here.



Eva McCartney


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