Letter to the editor 2, Feb. 9, 2017

On the beach

Dear Editor,

“Project to save Sandy Beach dead in the water” was the title of one of your recent articles (Your Local Journal, January 19). Well I say that one strike does not put you out of the ball game.

While of course it is disappointing that this deal went south without much opportunity for discussion, but this should not stop the town of Hudson from pursuing a deal of its own.

Our council is very eager to push through its strategic plan with a very expensive wish list.

Unfortunately, this list is full of ideas which seem geared more to tourists than our own population. Why not invest in an already great asset that is still available and is truly a treasure to our town - Sandy Beach?

“We can’t afford it,” of course will be the usual cry! But I ask you to look at the highlighted items below that council hopes to raise funding/investors to implement their strategic plan wish list.* Why not add Sandy Beach fundraising to this initiative, or perhaps replace some of these other ‘wishes’ by this one which we know is already loved by much of our population.

Let’s take this opportunity now, before it’s too late, to begin a real negotiation with the beach owner, one based on a realistic property evaluation.

So, my fellow Hudsonites, is Sandy Beach on your wish list? If you think saving Sandy Beach is worth supporting - I invite you to sign: https://www.change.org/p/achat-sandy-beach-purchase

Eva McCartney