• Jules-Pierre Malartre

Where the streets have new names


Residents of three streets in Rigaud that have undergone name changes have been given a one-year period to make the necessary arrangements to accommodate the modifications.

The Rigaud municipal council has approved a recommendation from the city's toponymy committee for renaming selected streets. Citing logical reasons and an interest in honouring Rigaud luminaries, the committee has targeted three streets, namely rue Agathe, which will now be known as rue Agathe-Séguin, in honour of ex-Mayor Jean-Marc Séguin's wife. Mr. Séguin also owned the lands around rue Agathe-Séguin.

Le chemin de la Mairie has been renamed chemin J.-René-Gauthier, in honour of the entrepreneur who created 200 jobs during the construction of Bourget College's arena, and who also oversaw construction of the Notre-Dame-de-Lourdes sanctuary. Lastly, rue Séguin now becomes rue J-Marc-Séguin in honour of the ex-mayor who also used to own the land around that street.

The Rigaud toponymy committee meets sporadically. It is composed of a few councillors and the director of urbanism and the environment. "The committee received requests from families for renaming streets to honour their parents. At the same time, they elected to rename chemin de la Mairie for logical reasons since the town hall is no longer located there," says Marie-Andrée Gagnon, Communications Director for the Town of Rigaud.

The name changes will affect some residents and local businesses, but the city of Rigaud has already made arrangements with Canada Post to provide residents with an extended period of time to make the necessary changes.

“Changes never please everybody, but there are not too many people affected by the change,” Gagnon adds. “The upside is they have a year to make the necessary changes on their end. The city made all the arrangements so that Canada Post would take care of the transition for a year.”

Gagnon adds that all affected residents and businesses have already been contacted and informed. Certain changes at the governmental level have already been taken care of automatically by the city, according to Gagnon. These include the update of contact information with the Town of Rigaud, Elections Canada and all emergency services. However, contact information with both federal and provincial revenue services must be updated by the residents, among others.

The Town of Rigaud has provided additional detailed information on its website. You can consult an online feature at www.ville.rigaud.qc.ca/changements-de-nom-de-certaines-rues-de-rigaud, or the following page, www.ville.rigaud.qc.ca/services-aux-citoyens/dates-importantes. The changes took effect January 31.

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