Letter to the editor 5, Feb. 2, 2017

Take control, it’s our money

Dear Editor,

During the December 2016 Hudson council meeting the 2017 annual budget was presented. The number was about $13 million. I questioned the council why once again do we see the budget increase? There was much rhetoric about how the number was much better then what they had been working through, meaning they felt they had done a good job at lowering it.

I have been following Hudson annual budgets for many years and have seen nothing except enormous increases since 2006. The period of the project spending, fire station, sewers, and water treatment did account for much of the increases, but not all.

Since the 2012 budget of the former administration, all I can say is that from 2012 to 2016 the current council has done nothing to improve the situation and the Hudson budget has increased by 10.7 per cent. Compare that with Kirkland, in the same time frame they saw only a 0.7 per cent increase, less than one per cent!

I know that Kirkland is no Hudson, but the relative difference is significant none the less. This begs to ask the question, why do we, Hudson, keep on seeing the budget increase and taxes rise at such an alarming rate?

In the January council meeting, it came to light that indeed there was an error in the budget. Stay tuned for the next meeting in February.

I want to make this simple. What does it cost to run the Town of Hudson? How much of that is for paying off loans? Is a $10 million budget possible? I think it is.

We need to cut, cut, cut costs and get it under control.

We call this a budget freeze, and we make do with the money we have.

Jim McDermott


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