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NDIP land stabilization work to be completed by end of summer


Notre Dame de l’île Perrot Mayor Danie Deschênes said work to stabilize the land around Rue Simone-de Beauvoir will proceed as planned this spring and is expected to be completed by the end of summer.

Work to stabilize the land around Rue Simone-de Beauvoir in southwestern part of Notre Dame de l’île Perrot (NDIP) will proceed as planned this spring and is expected to be completed by the end of summer, said Mayor Danie Deschênes at the end of the Tuesday evening council meeting, January 17.

Confirmation that the work will begin as planned came in response to a question about why a public consultation meeting that was scheduled one hour before the start of the regular council meeting was abruptly cancelled.

Deschênes told Your Local Journal that one of the committee members came down with a sudden illness which prevented their participation as the reason for the cancellation.

She added that the meeting was meant to provide property owners in the Palissades de l’Anse au Sable luxury home development and surrounding area with details regarding the scope and scale of the stabilization work that will substantially reduce the possibility of a landslide occurring in the area.

By-law modifications

Council presented three notices-of-motion that will modify the nuisance by-laws related to swimming pools, non-operational vehicles parked on private property, and the hours when lawn and yard work can be done.

Property owners with swimming pools that are not in use will be obliged to keep them free of any standing water from June 15 to September 1 to minimize the mosquito population. The new regulation will apply to all pool owners regardless of whether they live in wooded or clear cut areas.

“The mosquito problem is the main reason we’re modifying this by-law,” said Deschênes. “We have a few issues with people who don’t use their pools and just leaving the water there. It does have an impact and the new by-law will apply to everyone.”

Abandoned or scrap vehicles that are parked on private property will no longer be allowed and owners will be obliged to remove them to keep the city tidy. While the city receives complaints from neighbours, it also conducts its own year-round patrols to look for disabled vehicles.

“We’re receiving complaints from neighbours and I understand their concern,” said Deschênes. “Our staff also go around and they do as much as possible, but if we get a complaint from a citizen, we will put their complaint as a priority and make sure it’s taken care of. This is why Notre Dame looks so beautiful.”

The city will also modify its by-law regarding the hours that lawn mowing and yard work can be done this year after receiving numerous complaints last summer.

“We will be implementing specific hours based on citizens’ input,” said Deschênes. “Lawn moving is a problem when it’s done Saturday night or Sunday morning. We’ll be setting the hours within the next few weeks.”

The city’s current by-law allows lawn mowing until 11 p.m., which Deschênes said isn’t practical. “It doesn’t make sense. We want to make sure people have the time to do their mowing but we also want them to stop at a reasonable time so people can enjoy their weekend,” she said.

All the by-law modifications are expected be adopted at the next council meeting on February 14.

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