Letter to the editor 4, Jan. 19, 2017

Power struggle

Dear Editor,

Every household in St. Lazare should be equipped with a generator and a secondary source of heating – propane or wood stove. All new residents - include these two items in your budget. Hydro Québec doesn't think it’s essential for the wellbeing of their customers to maintain their network in the wooded areas of St. Lazare. They don't control the elements of Mother Nature but it is certainly their responsibility to control the vegetation around their electric path.

Too many trees and branches are too close to the live wires in the summer. With freezing rain in winter the branches touch the wires and we are out of power for more than 24 hours. Why doesn't Hydro maintain their network in a better way? Trees grow year after year and they touch the wires at some point if nobody does any trimming. I guess preventive maintenance doesn't exist at Hydro Québec. It would cut too much into their $3 billion profit.

I notified a supervisor at HQ last spring about two trees on their path behind my house. They will be touching the wires very soon. I am still waiting for the crew to come and do some trimming.

Alain Bruneau

St. Lazare

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