Letter to the editor 3, Jan. 19, 2017

Sandy Beach petition

Dear Editor,

I would like to personally thank the 817 people who signed my online and paper petitions to save Sandy Beach from being lost forever to a development that I don't believe Hudson wants or needs. I presented the numbers to the council and mayor at the December council meeting. The mayor seemed to think that some of you signatories aren't even living, let alone have a serious opinion that you would like addressed in an honest, transparent, democratic fashion.

I have spoken to the owner of the property trying to persuade him to sell a portion of the land or reduce the scale of the development. However, I believe it's time for the town to recognize that a large number of Hudson residents (359 out of the 817 signers) want Sandy Beach to be left as it is, the jewel of the town, where everyone can experience its natural beauty, its majestic trees, the diversity of wildlife and the serenity of the lake.

The mayor and council might tell you we are broke and must develop or perish, but is this really true? Why not encourage development in other parts of Hudson? Why not look at the beach as an asset worth saving instead of just a piece of vacant land that should be consumed by greed? My fear is that the town is working behind the scenes to expedite the approval of the development instead of addressing the concerns of the residents.

To date, I believe we have enough signatures (156 more than the roughly 203 people the council and mayor thought was enough to develop a 'Strategic Plan' to shape Hudson for the next 150 years!) to demand that a moratorium be put on any public or private meetings between the town and the owner of Sandy Beach or his agent(s) until the town holds a referendum as described in the petition you signed. Don't forget, it's never too late to try to save something worth saving.

Make your voices be heard, and make the mayor and council address this issue instead of ignoring it.

Richard Grinnell


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