• James Armstrong

Clerical errors create substantial increase in Hudson tax rate for 2017


Clerical errors that were discovered in Hudson’s 2017 budget will be addressed according to Mayor Ed Prévost and Councillor Ron Goldenberg (left).

Clerical errors in the 2017 budget presented by Hudson Town Council at special meeting held Wednesday, December 21, came to light when the numbers were reviewed after the presentation. “We took another look and found that there were clerical mistakes and they need to be fixed,” said Mayor Ed Prévost during his commentary at the start of the January 16 council meeting.

“No one is to blame,” he said adding that a supplementary budget is being prepared for presentation at the end of the month.

According to Councillor Ron Goldenberg, the corrected figures give an increase of 4.95 per cent over the 2016 budget as opposed to an increase of 1.56 per cent originally forecasted for 2017. “This is a totally unacceptable increase and we are going to change it and make it better,” stated Goldenberg.

On Tuesday, Your Local Journal received notice that a special council meeting will be held Wednesday, February 6, at 7 p.m. at the Stephen F. Shaar Community Centre to deal with the 2017 budget.

Snow Removal

Resident Helen Kurgansky asked about the inadequate snow removal from Hudson streets and what is being done to improve the situation. “We have had our share of problems,” said the mayor. “It’s a new contractor and we are trying to bring him along as to how it needs to be done.” Prévost added many citizens have made their views known on the issue. “The problem we have is that we cannot cut our ties with this contractor in the middle of the season, we can’t change to another supplier,” said Prévost. Director General Jean-Pierre Roy said the town is closely monitoring the situation and the contractor may have to provide compensation.

Hudson Valleys Mayfair Park Project

Changes to zoning By-Law 526 and subdivisions By-Law 527 allowing the subdivision of lots and the construction of semi-detached residences on the lots were adopted by council. The 12 lots are located on Mayfair Street in the Hudson Valleys development. The proposed changes will permit the construction of semi-detached dwellings with certain conditions attached such as the maintenance of buffer zones and that changes are made to a dangerous curve on Mayfair Street.

The next step in the process is the public registry for those residents opposed to the changes to by-laws.

A public consultation meeting and presentation of the Mayfair Project took place Wednesday, December 21, after the budget presentation. According to the developer, Daniel Rodrigue and his partner, Janice Duncan, the residences are semi-detached luxury bungalows ranging in size from 1497 to 1580 square feet. “These are turnkey homes,” said Duncan, “meaning you move into a completely finished house.”

Pine Lake Dam

Resident Chloe Hutchinson asked for an update on the progress of the paperwork sent to the Ministry of the Environment in September, 2016. “We sent them the report,” responded Roy, “but they responded in December that want it in French, so we have to translate it.”

Saint Patrick’s Day 2017

Council approved a grant of $11,500 to the volunteer organization in charge of planning and presenting the annual parade. Council also recognized the parade as an official town event that attracts approximately 8000 visitors each year, its value to local businesses, and the work of the volunteer committee that organizes it.

Collective agreement with unionized employees