Letter to the editor 3, Dec. 15, 2016

Dear Editor,

No doubt June Kendall is still complimenting herself on her last daring protest (Your Local Journal, December 8, page 1). Protesting can be a useful tool when it makes sense. This time it is a waste of time! Canada has an export based economy, a big part of which is the export of energy!

For some reason it's in style for some to hurt Canada's economy anyway possible! When I first discovered that for Canada's Energy producers to be able to sell their products on the World Market, they had to sell at a discount because of a lack of infrastructure enabling them to get their products to market I was beside myself! Where else does this happen? Nowhere!

Are Canadians so stupid that they want to shoot themselves in the foot on behalf of people like June and her ideas on what should be? Energy producing companies are aware that leaky pipelines, etc. are not money makers. That should send a signal to people like June. Pipelines have been crisscrossing Quebec and most of Canada safely since the Second World War!

Just because June and Greenpeace think this is an outrage doesn't make it so! Greenpeace is a for-profit corporation a business somewhat like others, but provides no useful products or services to the public, other than self-promotion!

Enough of this stupidity, let’s get on with it and build a prosperous Canada for all!

I don't want a cross burnt on my front lawn, please withhold my name.

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