• James Parry and Carmen Marie Fabio

Falcon Golf Club up for sale at almost $16 million


Photographed in Hudson December 14, Falcon Golf Club, designed by internationally-renowned golf course architects Graham Cooke & Associates, is up for sale while 2017 will be business as usual.

Over 7 million square feet of land in Hudson for sale. An incredible opportunity for developers/investors. The price, $15,995,000 plus taxes.

So read the ad that appeared in The Montreal Gazette this past Saturday, December 10, placed by realtors Richard Beaumier and Pierre Larin of Profusion Reality Inc. in Westmount.

Your Local Journal has learned that the land in question is the 18-hole Falcon Golf Club, a public course designed by top-ranked golf course architects Graham Cooke & Associates that opened in 2001 and which, since 2008 and according to the Club's website, has been owned by Hudson entrepreneur, Lou Lapointe, who has made a successful career of turning businesses into thriving and successful enterprises.

While Lapointe was unavailable for comment this week, YLJ has learned that while Falcon is in fact on the market, it will be business as usual from April throughout 2017 as is clearly specified in the contract with the realtors.

Said a spokesperson for the club, who asked to remain anonymous, “It is no secret that many golf courses throughout Canada and the United States are facing difficulties right now for many reasons. And for the past few years, there have been rumours that the Falcon was up for sale or had been sold.

“Nothing could be further from the truth. Mr. Lapointe has never officially put it up for sale and he is not aggressively doing so now. He is just exploring ideas and options and redevelopment of the land, or part of it, is one of those ideas.”

The spokesperson stressed, however, that the club will continue operating as is at least through 2017.

Though the ad says the land is “… an incredible opportunity for developers” Hudson Mayor Ed Prévost said the land is currently zoned as ‘recreational.’

“We’re not aware of any request for a zoning change but if there was to be some kind of a project to build houses around the golf course, it would require a zoning change,” said Prévost. “Any development project would be subject to certain hurdles.”

There are currently housing developments in the area and Prévost said another zoning change was recently requested by developer Daniel Rodrique for the Mayfair project with 4.7 housing units per hectare, including single-family homes and attached housing.

Prévost said the entire area including the Falcon Golf Course, Hudson’s Valleys, and Alstonvale housing development were originally zoned ‘green’ for agricultural use.

“Exceptions were made way back when and that’s how we have a golf course and the various housing developments.”