Letter to the editor 2, Dec. 8, 2016

Politically correct calendar?

Dear Editor,

I must have received a dud copy of the 2017 Hudson calendar in the mail . . . there’s not a single holiday mentioned in it. Christmas isn’t to be seen; Hanukka isn’t there; New Years, Mothers’ and Labour Days are conspicuous by their absence; St. Patrick’s Day, Remembrance Day, Canada Day and St. Jean-Baptiste . . . what’s up? Are we so caught up in Political Correctness that we daren’t mention major religious festivals in a simple calendar?

Somebody messed up, invested town money, and missed the mark. I hope there’ll be a recall and a complete and proper edition will be issued. Meanwhile, if anyone’s in need of a spare copy, they can scrounge mine from the recycle bin.

Nelson Wells


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