• Carmen Marie Fabio

Historic hose tower comes down


Despite eleventh hour efforts at preventing its demolition, the hose tower that perched atop Ste. Anne de Bellevue’s Town Hall for 80 years has met its fate.

Steps began last week to begin the dismantling process of the iconic structure after it was deemed by a majority council vote as being too expensive to repair and maintain. The matter went to vote three times with Councillors Francis Juneau, Daniel Boyer, Yvan Labelle and Michel Boudreault supporting its demolition while Mayor Paola Hawa and Councillors Dana Chevalier and Ryan Young opposed it.


Reportedly used not only to dry the canvas fire hoses of the time, the tower once also served as a broadcast centre to sound the alarm for area fires and emergencies, and to warn the town’s kids of the nightly 9 p.m. curfew.

Hawa invoked a ‘right of reconsideration’ in October to give the subject another 30 days of reflection and when the vote remained in favour of the tower’s removal. A Go Fund Me campaign fell short of the amount needed to restore the tower.

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