• Carmen Marie Fabio

One of two victims identified in Vaudreuil-Dorion shooting


Forensic investigators were still on the scene Friday morning, December 2, following a double shooting on Montée Alstonvale in Vaudreuil-Dorion.

Police have confirmed that one of the dead men in yesterday’s Vaudreuil-Dorion shooting on Montée Alstonvale is 45-year-old Joseph Fluet and though various media reports say he has criminal ties to the Rock Machine motorcycle gang, police will not verify this, other than to say he was “part of a biker gang.” The second victim, a man in his 40s, has not yet been identified.

Montée Alstonvale resident John Van Every had just returned home from lunch at a nearby restaurant on December 1 when one of the contractors renovating his kitchen told him he’d heard three distinct gunshots coming from the wooded area across the street and police began arriving on the scene. The tactical squad was present along with the canine unit and plain-clothed investigators.

“There was a helicopter over us with a search-light on around 6 p.m. Four or five SQ officers were searching my property with the (police) dogs,” he said.

Nothing was found on Van Every’s property and though the region is fairly quiet, the wooded lot where the two bodies were recovered sees much use from foot-traffic, dog-walkers, hunters on SUVs, and some trails are reportedly wide enough to accommodate vehicles.

“I noticed a car in the woods when I got home that day but it didn’t strike me as anything unusual,” said Van Every. “But when the police and canine units arrived, they went over right away, photographing the car and letting the dogs inside.” The car, described only as a small, dark vehicle, was towed away later that evening.

“There’s traffic in and out of the woods night and day,” said Van Every, a resident for over 40 years, who added that though municipal community patrol makes sporadic visits to the area, he can recall no significant crime in the area.