Letter to the editor 3, Dec. 1, 2016

St. Lazare governance concerns

Dear Editor,

I attended last month’s St. Lazare council meeting whereby the council decided to permit overnight parking in the street during winter in the H300 housing development. Councillor Marc Esculier voted against it because he believed it would set a precedent. He was once again outvoted. Councillor Brigitte Asselin replied that the idea came from a resident and she was listening to their request. I find this response to be very strange because one thing that I have noticed in the past year that I have attended council meetings is that this council rarely listens to the residents.

Nine hundred and fourteen residents voted against the Dunes Lake acquisition and yet their voices went unheard. While 483 people ventured out in a snowstorm to vote against the building of an extravagant town hall and yet once again, their voices were ignored.

The residents of St. Lazare were never consulted with regards to the expensive Au Galop festival and many have voiced their disapproval at council meetings and also with letters to the local paper.

Despite their disapproval, plans for the third Au Galop are on the way. It seems to me that this council chooses which concerns to listen to and which ones to ignore.

My question to Ms. Asselin would be the following… “How can you justify making a policy to satisfy the request of one resident when the requests of hundreds are being ignored?”

Joanne Ackland

St. Lazare

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