Letter to the editor 2, Dec. 1, 2016

Former Hudson Councillor Robert Spencer

Dear Editor,

In our household we are largely in agreement with the views expressed by Frank Hicks and Robin Grinnell in the November, 24 (2016) issue of Your Local Journal relative to our District 1 Councillor, Rob Spencer. We have known Rob and his family for decades. He is a person of consummate honesty, courage, evidence-based convictions, and overall integrity.

There has been much fake “news” and vile gossip in the village about his character. Some half-truths have been innocently disseminated no doubt, as though they were true. Some I suppose are politically and invidiously motivated. Others of the rumours are simply flawed inferences based on poor (even a good) understanding of the in camera planning and “understandings” that appear to be standard in every government. I'll refrain here from warming over old cabbage in the history of Hudson dating back at least, say, to the ‘70s.

We and our children (and the Spencers' many friends in Hudson) wish Rob and family a pleasurable future in their new community among fortunate neighbours.

Mr. Hicks raises the issue of “sin.” We don’t use the term. Bearing false witness against a neighbour might, we suppose, be characterised as such in a different context.

Frank and Rita Dumont


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